A Resort Like No Other...

“While many vacation retreats offer a range of attractions, few could truly be described as magical, and Nemacolin resort is that exception.”

Located in the sweeping hills of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, this year, the resort is celebrating its 35th anniversary, which is made extra-special by the fact that the same family still owns and runs the entire estate. For the third consecutive year, Nemacolin has won 22 Forbes stars, which are well-earned by the resort’s three highly-individualized options for accommodations, as well as their awe-inspiring on-site restaurants and award-winning Woodlands Spa. Both Lautrec, serving Euro-American cuisine, and Aqueous, Nemacolin’s fresh and vibrant eatery inspired by the sea, have contributed to these illustrious stars. Finally, when it’s time for an adventure, Nemacolin offers a truly diverse range of attractions that can be enjoyed year-round.


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There is not a better luxury
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Cindy Novotny