Engage!23 The Paris Experience will offer a unique approach to a traditional Engage!. Immersing a limited number of globally focused attendees, in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the event will offer firsthand some of the most iconic event locations and creative talents in the world. While Engage!23 The Paris Experience will include established hallmarks of the event — a rich lineup of speakers, inspired social experiences, and signature small group environments that foster natural connections — the itinerary, locations, and surprises will be truly special.

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The world's most exclusive wedding conference

Fortune Magazine

There is not a better luxury event in this business than Engage!

Cindy Novotny

Master Connection Associates

There are thousands of gorgeous pictures, but the one thing that can’t be captured is the positivity, motivation, inspiration, and togetherness that Engage! instills in your heart and mind.

Hannah Kohler

Brooks and Barnes Weddings & Events