The investment for Engage!22 Amanjena is $7,500 US plus your pavilion or maison accommodation which are offered at exclusive rates, starting from €365 per night plus 10% VAT and 10% service charge for single occupancy; €400++ per night for double occupancy and €500++ per night for triple occupancy. Pavilions and maisons at Amanjena are quite spacious and will comfortably accommodate up to (3) persons who are interested in shared accommodations. Included in the registration fee are all hosted food & beverage events (breakfasts, lunches, breaks, cocktails, and dinners for three days/nights), group airport transfers from Marrakech airport (30-minute drive from Amanjena), a professionally facilitated program, customized guided discussions and planned wellness, adventure, and experiential activities. You are responsible for air travel to Marrakech and any spa treatments or additional excursions you choose to add. We will have exclusive use of Amanjena during the three days and nights of the Retreat.

*Please note: Engage!22 Amanjena-An Immersive Retreat is non-refundable but is transferrable to another person for the same event. 

**Due to the limited number of Retreat attendees, there are no discounts offered.

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There is not a better luxury event in this business than Engage!

Cindy Novotny

Master Connection Associates