Bryan Rafanelli

Bryan Rafanelli, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Rafanelli Events, works hand-in-hand with his clients to transform their weddings into unforgettable experiences. Known best for his customized approach to every project, Bryan and his team marry a unique and exquisite sense of style with careful attention to detail to ensure each event is truly exceptional.

Over the past 25 years, Bryan has built a company that prides itself in bringing its production and design expertise forward based on solid business tenants and processes for success in the full-service event planning space. His approach takes clients through the concept, design and execution of every detail of their wedding, creating enduring memories that last a lifetime. He has built a company to last from the bottom up and surrounds himself with a team that has the ability to pivot and change course during the toughest of times.

Bryan’s dedicated team of forty design and production individuals act on the philosophy that they are in the relationship business, and that every wedding is a unique creative challenge deserving of a one-of-a- kind celebration. His wedding clients include Fortune 500 families, public figures and successful entrepreneurs.

Rafanelli Events’ expertise extends beyond weddings, including destination and private events, corporate gatherings and non-profit fundraisers ranging in size from 15 to 15,000 attendees.

Bryan released his first book in the Fall of 2019, through Rizzoli. The book, titled “A Great Party – Designing The Perfect Celebration,” with the foreword by Chelsea Clinton, shares Bryan’s secrets for creating unforgettable parties, soirées, and gatherings.