Julian Leaver

Owner & Trainer, The Dapper Diplomat

Sales and service teams usually face their biggest challenge immediately after the trainer leaves. They now know what needs to be done, but the how is not as certain. Julian Leaver’s expertise is in applying practical etiquette techniques to leverage more sales and better service for hospitality companies.

Julian’s background in the wedding world gives him the perfect tripod of experience. He worked for five years with Rosewood Hotels in catering and as an Area Director of Sales, cultivating a discerning eye for five-star service. He became known for his impeccable taste and attention to detail.

It was also at Rosewood where he developed his affinity for a classic bow tie as his signature attire piece and earned the name, The Dapper Diplomat.

In between tenures in luxury hospitality, Julian honed his wedding expertise as a luxury planner in the Dallas market. By 2016 he had moved into wedding planning full-time, focusing on destination weddings and local luxury events.

Julian also decided to refine his etiquette knowledge acquiring a Certified Protocol Officer designation from The Protocol School of Washington.

The Dapper Diplomat is Julian’s medium for polishing the basic sales and service training most properties receive. He speaks to the event community and conducts workshops for some of the nation’s finest brands to elevate communication, dining, business and social skills.

This is his 2nd Engage!, and first as a speaker.