Dane Sanders

Founder, Fastmind.co

Business ownership has never been more complex. The details to manage and decisions to make can feel paralyzing and, often, lonely.

Dane Sanders believes it does not have to be that way.

With degrees in business and philosophy, a twelve year career as a professional photographer, two best-selling business books for creatives, and hundreds of extraordinary owners and companies he’s has had the privilege of working with, Dane understands how to bring clarity and professional decision making to the table.

He now writes, speaks, consults and coaches on the business of creativity. He is also founder at Fastermind.co, which provides free resources for anyone looking to launch a mastermind group, the most effective tool to get the perspective needed to thrive. For more comprehensive support for business owners, Fastermind also offers practical education, fierce accountability and live gatherings all around the world.

Dane has had the privilege of presenting to the Engage! community several times and is thrilled to be back again. He lives with his family in Newport Beach, California and online at danesanders.com.