Bibi Hayat – Kuwait

Creative Director & Founder, Bibi Hayat Events & Design

I started my company, because i truly and thoroughly love design, all aspects of it, design and decor isn’t something i just started, i feel its an extension of my self, I’ve always been designing, be it in my imagination or actual and physical projects, its just a part of me.

Through years of training, learning, countless ups and downs, I can now call myself a design entrepreneur. Always changing style, but staying true to my design ethos…design must have personality, soul and a story…

A graduate from the American University of Beirut, with training and experience in hotel management and banqueting and event coordination

Along with my team at Bibi Hayat Events & Design,(a team of over 40 full time employees ranging from architects, interior designers, a large production, & tailoring as well as floristry team) ,We have created weddings for high net worth individuals all over the GCC region, in addition to corporate events for Reputable Brands such as Bentley Motors, BMW , DeBeers Jewelry, DeGrisogono, MaxMara, JimmyChoo, Kuwait Oil Company, we even have set up countless events for Embassies, high net worth individuals and also celebrities including world renowned wedding planner Preston Bailey, Hosting him as well as the brilliant Sylvia Weinstock in Kuwait and creating the most magical gala dinners for them..every client and project is special, no matter the size or budget.. its a beautiful and wonderful chance to be creative…

The experience is surreal, difficult to explain, but wonderful, challenging and always and adventure.