Nathalie Cadet-James

President, Luxe Fête

Nathalie A. Cadet-James is the founder of Luxe Fête, a full service international event planning and design studio based in Miami, Florida. Premiere clients seek her services to plan, design, and produce their special events, not only in South Florida, but all over the world. A former attorney, she spent 8 years working at top law firms and clerking for a Federal Judge before she found her true calling. Nathalie is deeply passionate about telling stories, creating spaces that connect people and celebrating life. Featured in numerous national and international publications, she is recognized as an “industry innovator” and “event guru.”

Her innovative yet timeless approach to planning and designing events has drawn the likes of high profile brides, executives and clientele which include Hillary Clinton, Christian Dior, Gucci and Prada.

Motto: “Grace will take you places hustlin’ can’t.”