Sam Jacobson

Consultant, Ideaction Consulting

When creative business owners run into overwhelming challenges, they get stressed and often avoid asking for help when they need it most. Sam’s passion is working with creative entrepreneurs to solve the biggest problems they face.

While he’s always been a non-fiction nut who loves reading about the psychology of decision-making, leadership dynamics and other interesting topics, Sam learned early on that first-hand experience plays an equal role to learning from books.

Tenures at Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island, Washington and directing operations for Todd Events in Dallas, Texas gave Sam a hands-on education in building and running a successful business. He gained on-the-ground experience booking hundreds of weddings, managing multi-million-dollar budgets, strategizing growth-hacker marketing programs, supervising hundreds of employees, and creating pricing strategies for hotel, venue and event revenue.

After 15 years, Sam has morphed into a Swiss army knife for small businesses. Ideaction Consulting is his platform to provide a compelling vision and step-by-step roadmap for clients to get results that matter. He’s become a wingman so owners can get back to enjoying what they love most about their work.

Sam has presented at The Knot Pro Workshops on practical pricing do’s and don’ts.

Sam has a special connection with Engage! At his 3rd Engage!, he met his fiancé, and at his 6th, he got engaged to her. At Sam’s 5th Engage!, he decided to become a consultant. This is his 7th Engage!, and the 1st time he will present his ideas at a breakout session.