Nadine Jervis

Event Producer, Living Turkoise LLC.

Event Producer with over twenty years’ experience Nadine fancies herself an “old school fixer”. Cleaning buckets and putting flowers into water on 28th Street NYC brought her to the doors of Preston Bailey Designs as a receptionist, departing as Director of the Company. Blessed with learning from the very best – a cast of cranky Floristas, Herb Rose and his superior hotel guys, matriarch to all Planners Harriet Rose Katz and Sandra Parks who taught her that every interaction is a SALE. Her Board of Directors consists of Steve Paster, Marcy Blum, Frank Alexander, a flower guy in Thailand…. From them she continues to learn many invaluable lessons.

Her natural stamina under pressure, intense demands of Preston’s designs and exposure to unique experts has informed Nadine’s approach to executing Fantasy into Reality. Her approach enhances the Fantasy with the very realities of venue, time and budget that negates said Fantasy.

Seventeen years in, Nadine remains a Preston Bailey employee at large, while continuing to apply and develop her unique skill set of being able to fit a square peg into a round hole.   She has worked globally with Norma Cohen, Elan Artists, Marcy Blum, Jeff Leatham and is proud of the fact that she has prevailed against the NYC blackout, Hurricanes, NYC Hotel Unions, many a broken elevator, missing Chuppa legs, centimeters vs. inches and continues to charm international customs guys and work crews around the world in all languages – never losing sight that she is only as good as the last installation.