Michelle Rago

Founder, Michelle Rago Destinations

Michelle Lord Rago is an international planner, producer and designer. Her company is based in New York City but her experience and approach are global.

Michelle has worked in the field of entertaining and hospitality since graduating from the New York Restaurant School in 1988. In 2007 Michelle published a book Signature Weddings: Creating a day Uniquely your own.

Michelle’s greatest strength lies in interpreting the client’s preferences, assessing the possibilities and translating them into a well- planned and well-designed affair. Her years of hands on experience, design and logistics have served her well for the complicated landscape of producing destination events.

Her commitment to research, development and creativity knows no bounds – for every location she discovers, there comes new inspiration and perspective. It is Michelle’s keen curiosity about the world and how aesthetics, cultures and hospitality intertwine that make her weddings something to talk about.

She and her team operate in many languages and cultures, although it is said Michelle’s native tongue is the Language of Determination.