Ilse Diamant

Diamant Events, Luxury Romance Ambassador

Meet Ilse Diamant LUXURY ROMANCE AMBASSADOR. She is the Creative and Innovation Director of the Tourist Product at her destination wedding company for the Luxury market: Diamant Events

Silke, as most know her in social networks; He defines himself as a positive, creative, passionate, perfectionist human being with a very firm goal: to promote and empower entrepreneurs for the tourism and weddings niche in Mexico. Her professional experience begins when motivated to work in the department of GROUPS and CONVENTIONS of a HOTEL, she graduated as Lic. Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of the Americas Puebla in the year of 2002. Due to her excellent career development is awarded a scholarship in 2004 to go to Spain to study her Postgraduate in DIRECTION OF HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS, where she discovers her passion for weddings.

FROM THE YEAR 2004 TO TODAY these are his most outstanding achievements:



She currently manages 7 companies all related to the Tourism industry and Destination Weddings and is the coDirector of the Altruistic Association SIGNATURE LOVE WEDDINGS. For her it is a HONOR to be able to share with you one of the subjects that she is most passionate about WEDDINGS IN MEXICO.