Johnny Roxbrough – UK/Italy

Party Architect

Johnny Roxburgh has spent the last three decades as a ‘design gypsy’ travelling the world, planning some of the most glamorous parties and at the same time creating a unique ideas ‘library’ of the exotic, the mundane and the dazzling.

Working on thousands of projects in places as varied as the deserts of Jordan, the great palaces of Russia and the back streets of Rio, his eye for detail and his ability to view things from an inverted perspective has built him an extraordinary International and British client list.

His skill as a party planner lead him to establish himself as the ultimate ‘PARTY ARCHITECT’ helping a few ¬†clients create parties that are ravishing works of art, which are even more treasured as they vanish with the dawn and only remain in the collective memories of the fortunate guests who enjoy them.

Now also establishing himself as an author, decorator of houses, and distiller of gin – the future is as exciting as the past.