Alicia Caldecott

Founder, A Day In May Event Planning & Design

Alicia Caldecott – A Day In May Events

For Alicia Caldecott, founder of A Day in May Event Planning & Design, an event is more than a few cherished hours. It is a memory, an experience shared between the hosts and their loved ones that creates a lasting bond. Alicia, more than a designer or producer, is the hand at the small of your back that guides you, the mastermind behind the intangible subtleties that enhance every carefully considered detail.

A native of Traverse City, Alicia adores Northern Michigan’s picturesque, idyllic lifestyle. She is at home on the beaches, lawns and farms where her clients love to celebrate life’s biggest moments. Her background as an athlete encourages Alicia to treat every celebration like the Big Game. Each event is an opportunity to put her best foot forward, and she produces only a few exquisite ones every year in her quest for a perfection that only her clients can define.

Alicia draws inspiration from across disciplines – from interiors and architecture to automotive design – as well as from her surroundings, whether it’s the number on a client’s front door or the intentional way a dish is plated at a restaurant. She has an engineer’s brain, with an innate grasp of both the design and mechanics of an event. This enables her to interpret her clients’ vision, anticipate their needs, and produce a moment that feels as natural and effortless as the love or occasion being celebrated. She is a builder of dreams, turning to her highly skilled team to create a world that looks like it has always been there, but that will never be created again.

Alicia Caldecott has been recognized as one of the top wedding planners in the country by Martha Stewart Weddings, is on Vogue’s Ultimate Wedding Planner Master List, and was recently named one of the 100 Most Inspiring Wedding Pros by The Knot. Michigan is her home, but she is also driven by a love of travel and adventure, embracing the new tools, partners, and environments provided by her nationwide clientele.  Wherever an opportunity to celebrate might lead, Alicia and her team follow, creating new worlds and a refined sense of awareness for their clients as each event unfolds.