Matthew Robbins

Creative Director: Matthew Robbins Design, Author: "Inspired Weddings"

Matthew Robbins runs the New York–based events design and planning firm Matthew Robbins Design. Robbins is a contributing editor and creates regular features for Martha Stewart Weddings, and regularly contributes to InStyle, New York Weddings, O Magazine, and Martha Stewart Living. He is a member of the advisory board for Garden Design magazine and a contributor to many print and online publications such as Huffington Post  and StyleList. He writes a weekly blog for the Martha Stewart Weddings website and is a regularly featured guest on both the Martha Stewart Show and Martha Stewart Living Radio. He lives in New York City.

In his book, Matthew Robbins Inspired Weddings, Matthew shows you how to base your wedding design on an object you and your spouse-to-be find meaningful. Robbins, one of Martha Stewart’s go-to wedding experts, walks brides and grooms through his process of transforming the special into the spectacular, showcasing nine objects around which to build a wedding design. Along the way, he shares insider tips and industry secrets that make all the difference, allowing every couple to feel that they have imbued their special day with a bit of Matthew Robbins’ wedding magic. At once hip and traditional, Robbins thoughtfully brings together classic themes and sentimental objects that allow anyone to create glamour and visual spectacle at nearly any budget.