Amy Marella

Owner/Founder: The Hidden Garden, Fleurish

Hi! I’m Amy, the owner of the Hidden Garden. This floral studio started in 1999 as a “little flower shop” with the sole inspiration and goal being that I loved to make people happy via beautiful flowers. I had very little floral experience and if you ask my parents, they will agree, they have no idea where this talent and passion came from. But here I am fourteen years later with an amazing company that is so much more than a business. Who knew that one tiny floral arrangement would blossom (yes, pun intended) into a phenomenal design studio with such a strong presence in Los Angeles. Every day I marvel at the fact that I am so fortunate to have built such incredible relationships with so many of our clients. They allow us to make floral magic happen in their homes, for their weddings, special events and oh, don’t get me started on the gorgeous hotels I get to visit every week! Creating floral arrangements that make so many people smile is truly a joy and an honor.

Sharing this joy with my talented staff here at The Hidden Garden makes this entire gig even better. I would not be here today without all of them…their dedication and astonishing creative talents amaze me daily and I am truly blessed to share this floral journey with all of them. It fills me with joy to see how they love The Hidden Garden like I do and it definitely shows in every design, delivery and client interaction they have. Whether they are delivering flowers for someone’s birthday, setting up for a gorgeous wedding or decorating and accentuating mind-blowing hotel lobbies, they give our clients 110 percent.

When I’m not with my second family, you will probably find me with my incredibly supportive husband and my two adorable children, Zach and Samantha, who–if  I’m lucky–will carry on the Hidden Garden tradition one day. (No pressure kids).