Gideon Hermosa

Stylist, Events Studio by Gideon Hermosa

Gideon Hermosa—if the name sounds familiar to you, chances are, you’ve come across his name being tagged or mentioned by Filipino celebrities and other personalities on social media.
Soft-spoken, unassuming and humble, Gideon surprises and impresses with his signature lavish, extravagant and over-the-top aesthetic in event styling. Whatever his client’s event vision and requirements are, one can expect him to deliver by exceeding all expectations.
He is self-taught and self-made, establishing himself as the favorite and go-to celebrity event stylist and florist at only 31 years old!
From his hometown in Tarlac, Philippines, Gideon has come a long way after making a name in the event styling scene in Manila. Now, he is penetrating the international market, too, with his social media account speaking volumes about his talent and expertise.