Cindy Novotny

“Radical Mentor", Consultant, Speaker, Author, Executive Facilitator, And Managing Partner of Master Connection Associates

As the founder of Master Connection Associates, Cindy Novotny is an international icon in the hospitality industry. Her specialties are leadership, sales and customer service excellence. A ‘Radical Mentor’ for many, Cindy’s straightforward, no-nonsense leadership approach delivers results and changes behavior. Her style, expertise and approach led to a Board of Directors position with The Miss America Foundation to assist in moving the organization to a new level.

She is recognized by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), as one of nine most powerful, innovative and passionate speakers in the industry. HSMAI awarded Cindy the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award in Hospitality for her exemplary contribution to the industry. Her ability to close the “gap” with senior executives and line employees has earned her firm a revered reputation in many industries.

Her exposure is vast including a feature in ‘The Wall Street Journal’, broadcasting on the BBC and sharing the stage with global leaders at luxury events.

Energy, passion, and drive guarantee Cindy’s message will captivate each person in her audience. Her targeted message and popularity have no boundaries as she addresses groups across the World. Her charisma and humor, combined with in-depth knowledge, bring an audience alive with reality-based skills and cutting-edge training technology. In her book ‘LIVING WITH NO BALANCE…And Loving It’, Cindy challenges people to feel good about trying to do it all and living in a less than balanced world. Her message applies to anyone wanting a fulfilling life. A true “road warrior,” she travels almost 50 weeks per year.