Shannon Leahy

Creative Director & CEO, Shannon Leahy Events

Shannon Leahy Rosenbaum is the founder of Shannon Leahy Events (SLE), a wedding and event design studio that has been named to international best-of lists by Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart, Brides and more. With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles and a global clientele, SLE has taken Shannon and her team around the world from Dubrovnik to Kona, Provence to the Caribbean. No matter the venue, an SLE wedding is characterized by clean line design, a carefully orchestrated flow and an incredible attention to every detail.

Shannon is renowned for her ability to remain calm in stressful situations and is beloved for her candor and creativity. With an impressive client roster including Fortune 500 CEOs, titans of Silicon Valley, influencers and professional athletes, her ability to exceed her clients’ expectations is unparalleled. WED School, Shannon’s groundbreaking online course, teaches aspiring wedding professionals about the inner workings of the world of high-end Wedding and Event Design.

Shannon lives in San Francisco with her husband, a writer and startup executive, her young son, and her dog Bodie.