Sam Jacobson

Principal Counsultant/Owner, Ideaction Consulting

Sam’s an old-school influencer. Not the kind with 100k+ followers on social media, but one who helps wedding pros make more money with strategies and tactics based on the science of persuasion.
For the past several years, luxury event pros have called him up when they run out of luck, natural ability, charisma and connections. He knows that’s the reason, because it only got him so far too.
If you know Sam, he’s one of those naturally persuasive types: ESTP, enneagram 8 – whatever personality test you prefer – he always come up as that type. It was only natural he got into sales at an early age.
After stints serving unlimited soup and salad at the Olive Garden and earning a degree in English Communication, Sam got a proper job selling weddings at a top destination resort in the San Juan Islands, Washington.
But the good times didn’t last long. The Great Recession hit in 2008 and that’s when Sam’s luck and natural ability plateaued. He had to do something different if revenue was going to grow, so he decided to learn everything he could about the science of sales.
Buyer psychology, principles of influence, decision-making theory, active yield management, behavioral economics. You name it, he learned about it – and put into practice.
Sam’s spent more than a decade obsessing about how to grow event companies. He’s the personification of 500 events and $10mm in sales, 200,000 supervised labor hours, and thousands of hours learning what makes people buy your wedding services.
In 2016, he started Ideaction Consulting to help wedding pros reach their goals. The team offers consulting and coaching to companies of all sizes – big and solo – and now provides online courses, workshops, and copywriting that helps convert website visitors into wedding inquiries.
And the good news is he doesn’t bite, so if you see him go up, say hi, and ask him about the time he met his wife at Engage! (true story!).