Darcy Miller

Party expert, Bestselling author and Illustrator, Darcy Miller Designs
Party expert, bestselling author, illustrator and self-professed confetti addict Darcy Miller believes that celebrating life is an art in itself. As the founder of lifestyle brand Darcy Miller Designs, her mission is to help everyone, everywhere, make every day special by sharing her inventive ideas for celebrating, gift-giving, having fun, and making memories. Over the course of more than twenty years as the editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, and now as editor-at-large, Darcy has become a leading celebrations expert. She is the author and illustrator of CELEBRATE EVERYTHING! (William Morrow, 2016), in which she shares her tips, inspirations and favorite parties, and the bestselling favorite OUR WEDDING SCRAPBOOK (William Morrow, 2004). Her distinctive artwork and ingenious ideas have brought laughter and love to parties for luminaries including Martha Stewart, Drew Barrymore at other A-list celebrities, and exclusive collections for collaborators including Bloomingdales, Estee Lauder and Sugerfina. Known for her ingenuity, creativity, and distinctive drawings, Darcy is committed to making life a celebration and is known for throwing a party you’ll never forget—and creative ways to document it so that you’ll remember it forever. Her favorite fêtes are the ones she hosts for her husband and daughters at their home in New York, where “scrapboxes” commemorate family celebrations, birthday breakfasts happen at the confetti-covered kitchen table, and D.I.T. (doing-it-together) makes every day worth celebrating.