Engage!19 London

the Program

The Engage!19 London Experience will offer a unique approach on a traditional Engage! Summit. Immersing a limited number of globally focused attendees, in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the event will offer firsthand some of the most iconic historic event locations and creative talents in the world. While The Engage!19 London Experience will include established hallmarks of the event — a rich lineup of speakers, inspired social experiences, and signature small group environments that foster natural connections — the itinerary, locations, and surprises will be truly special.

* Program subject to change without notice

Exclusive Talks

Engage! brings together a ‘who’s who’ of the global luxury wedding and event industry, as well as leading and emerging lights in the worlds of luxury, business, entrepreneurship, and more. The lineup and topics are always changing, providing everything from nuts-and-bolts strategies on pricing and client relationships, to insights on the struggles and successes of maintaining creativity and life/work balance in challenging times.

Thoughtful Details

Engage! details are meant to excite and inspire and allow attendees to bring home meaningful keepsakes and cherished memories from the destination. Bring extra room in your suitcase — you’ll need it!

Intimate Sessions

Intimate by design, each Engage! Summit is limited in the number of participants in order to create the optimum mix for networking and meaningful interaction. Attendees represent a global cross-section of the wedding and events industry with one key thing in common: they all serve the same high-caliber clientele and aspire to increasingly up their game. Intimate sessions and experiences are designed to create a myriad of smaller group opportunities for Engagees to elevate the conversation and share challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

Inspired Cuisine

Each Engage! Summit takes advantage of the location, with hotel and catering partners thrilled to showcase their best to this influential group of discerning foodies. Taking rich inspiration from British tradition The Engage!19 London Experience cuisine will be designed to satisfy your palate and please your other senses as well.

Exceptional Parties

It’s no secret: the wedding industry loves to celebrate! and Engage! gives industry partners the chance to treat Engagees the same way they treat their high-caliber clients: with parties that are exciting, visually stunning, and always going the extra mile to entertain. From the Welcome Party at the Tower of London to the Farewell Evening at none other than Kensington Palace, you never know what to expect!

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