Carla Ruben

President & Creative Director, Creative Edge Parties

Carla Ruben is the Founder and Creative Director of Creative Edge Parties based in New York and Miami. For thirty years she has explored every aspect of the hospitality business including catering, award winning restaurants, event venues and her newest endeavor a 10,000 sq. ft design lab where she spends her time reimagining how food can be presented.

Her unwavering commitment to changing the perception of the word “catering” has led her to the never ending exploration of how to create “food as design”. She works with her team to develop culinary experiences that transcend the outdated silver tray service.   Whether she is finding a way to lower food from the sky or spin it onto a table, her passion started what would become the most major shift in the catering industry in decades.

Carla has been featured in Vogue, People, Brides, NY Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler and The New York Times.   She is the mother of a wonderful 18 year old (who hopefully is going to college next year) and spends her summers in Greece knitting.