Alix Strauss – Freelance Journalist

Trend, Lifestyle, and Wedding Journalist

Trend journalist and four-time author Alix Strauss is a media savvy social satirist. A frequent contributor to the New York Times Vows, Metro, Styles and Special Section, she also writes the feature, It’s No Secret, which explores married couples relationships and what they’ve learned about themselves, each other, and their marriage. As a freelancer, she has written over 1500 articles and has contributed to the Financial Times, Crain’s New York, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, T&L, Conde Nast Traveler, Departures, and Oprah (among others). Her work covers a range of topics from trends in beauty, travel, and food to celebrity interviews. She has also been a featured lifestyle, travel and trend writer on national morning and talk shows including ABC, CBS, CNN, and most recently, The Today Show.

Alix is an award winning author whose work includes: The Joy of Funerals (St. Martin’s Press), Based Upon Availability (Harper Collins), and Death Becomes Them: Unearthing the Suicides of the Brilliant, the Famous, and the Notorious (Harper Collins).  She is also the editor of Have I Got a Guy for You (Simon & Schuster), an anthology of mother coordinated dating horror stories. Her many of her essays and short stories have been anthologized in numerous publications including: the Primavera Literary Journal, Hampton Shorts Literary Journal, The Idaho Review, Quality Women’s Fiction, and The Blue Moon Café III. She is the recipient of several awards and fellowships.