Edgar Zamora – Argentina

Founder and Lead Designer, Revelry Event Designers

Mr. Zamora is the founder and lead designer of the highly acclaimed Revelry Event Designers, the industry’s go-to event and interior design company specializing in designing and installing private, as well as corporate events worldwide. Famous for having an innovative and progressive design view, Edgar is a transformer of spaces.

His firm provides fabric treatments for ceilings and walls, custom-designed table linens as well as furniture installations. The Revelry team has been working with the event industry’s most respected planners and producers for two decades; providing them complete decor packages for weddings, mitzvahs, film premieres, awards shows and private soirees. Edgar’s experience, creativity, passion and professionalism combine to provide his clients with a truly unique design perspective on each event. He and his team never fail to provide a memorable experience through artful detail and flawless orchestration—from concept to completion.

An avid traveler, his personal explorations in Europe, South America and China provides a global perspective on design. His personal design style leans toward an eclectic mix of old world and modern high style. The son of a Spanish metal industrialist and a renowned Argentinian fashion model, his design sense is innate. Zamora fuses the disciplines of clothing, interior and color design, with architecture and an outstanding knowledge of fabric. He believes that interior and event design executed successfully; should either transport you to a specific location, culture, or mood, or it will, at the very least, reflect and fit within its surroundings.