Valerie Gernhauser

Owner, Sapphire Events

Valerie owns Sapphire Events, a full-service bespoke event planning firm, Ruby and Pearl Events, an event management firm, and is the founder of the Sapphire Sessions, a one-day business consulting intensive session geared toward maximizing the earning power of creative entrepreneurs in the wedding space.

Calm, cool, and collected is my mantra. I am a natural-born leader that takes pride in moving people, creating memorable milestones, and maintaining poise under pressure.

I am a pug-loving Gulf Coast native who moved to New Orleans the month before Hurricane Katrina and, in the aftermath of the storm, I decided to call it home. After four years in New Haven as an undergrad at Yale, I returned to my Southern roots to attend law school at Tulane. In the wake of unemployment in the legal field after the 2008 credit and banking crisis, I spearheaded a career path for myself that allows me to combine my passion for design and creativity with my aptitude for organization and time management.

I like getting lost in Anthropologie, spontaneous road trips, mixing metals and prints, squeezing my babies, and getting my hands dirty in a flower bucket or two. I consider myself very fortunate to bear witness to unfettered, intrepid, veracious love stories on Saturdays. I’m living the life I’ve imagined.