Brian Leahy

Owner, Brian Leahy Photography
Brian Leahy is the owner and lead photographer of his namesake photography studio, Brian Leahy Photography, based in beautiful Santa Monica, California. His personal style is super laid back, with a passion for people, travel, and business. His philosophy is simple: every great event starts with connection—a connection with the couple, their loved ones, and the huge group of creative partners who come together to make it all happen.
Previously in the mortgage industry, Brian made the move to Los Angeles 7 years ago to pursue his photography hobby full time. Even being 100% self-taught, Brian built an incredibly well known and sought after photography company in one of the most competitive markets in the US. With his background in business and marketing, he doesn’t consider himself a creative as much as a businessman that fell into a creative field.
As an award winning and recognized photographer, Brian has now taken on the role of a well-respected business consultant, helping other entrepreneurs build and strengthen their networks, connections, and marketing tactics in this amazing industry.