Engaging for a better world

A foundation to educate and empower Engage attendees' philanthropic efforts and leave a positive footprint wherever we gather.


The Engage! Foundation was conceived of, developed and implemented by fellow Engagees.

It was created as a charitable organization in order to provide financial aid and support to event professionals seeking to make a positive impact in our global community. The foundation will operate as a means to educate attendees and raise awareness about non-profit work being done by event professionals, including opportunities to donate time, money, or services. The Engage! Foundation will also leave a positive footprint wherever an Engage! Summit is held by adopting a local charity and supporting them with supplies through a Pack with a Purpose program as well as cultivated excursions for attendees to volunteer. Lastly, the Engage! Foundation is committed to providing attendee gifting with locally sourced products from regional artisans and entrepreneurs. We believe that the Engage! community includes some of the biggest hearted, compassionate, kind, talented, inclusive and generous people in the world. Combined with the desire to network in various settings, we believe that the Engage! Foundation will provide a platform for social activism that can transform our industry.


Please help one of our own! Carey Lowe from The Idea Emporium lost her home and studio in the California wildfires.

After years of saving, they were able to buy their dream home in the canyons of Paradise just 2 years ago. They lost everything and we would like to help take a little pressure off. Please help in any way that you can!

A message from Carey...

The fire has taken our precious home and our livelihood, but thankfully we were able to evacuate with our cat. The devastation is overwhelming in so many ways. We are blessed to have such supportive family & friends. Although our loss is profound, we know many are grieving throughout our community. We are humbled and so grateful to all who have so graciously offered help. As we navigate and grieve, we are hopeful that we will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Stronger, Wiser, kinder, humbled, honored, and blessed beyond even my own imagination.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, love, energy, prayers, vibrations and so much more.


We’re excited to support The Sarahuaro Foundation, a Cabo based charity dedicated to delivering life-skills and workforce training to empower impoverished women of Los Cabos.

The mission of Sarahuaro’s Children’s Kitchen is a nonprofit healthfood kitchen providing nutritious meals to elevate the lives of children living in challenging areas of Cabo San Lucas.

To initiate our support please consider our "Pack with a Purpose" program. For Sarahuaro’s Learning Center they are in need of art supplies including cotton stuffing for pillows, fabric, thread and craft supplies, as well as wood and needlepoint hoops.

Please bring your art supplies to Registration and then you will have room in your suitcase to take home much of our locally sourced gifting. Thank you for helping the Engage! Foundation bring a little of our generosity to those who desperately need it.

Sarahuaro Website

Cabo Pack with Purpose Wish List

Paints crayons, markers, ils, pastels, colored chalk, watercolors, tempera paints, acrylic paint, oil paint
Textiles crayons, markers, ils, pastels, colored chalk, watercolors, tempera paints, acrylic paint, oil paint
Papers Copy white and color paper, crepe and bleeding tissue paper, construction paper, butcher paper, wrapping paper.
Decoupage Small wooden boxes or similar, decorative napkins, images of Frida Kahlo, cactus, nature landscapes, flowers, and any fun subject or theme.
Beading Pony beads, wood beads, glass beads, string and fishing line
Tools and other Paintbrushes of different sizes, craft foam, floral wire, wooden shapes, glitter, sequins, mod podge, aprons for kids.