Engaging for a better world

A foundation to educate and empower Engage attendees' philanthropic efforts and leave a positive footprint wherever we gather.

Who We Are

The Engage! Foundation is a charitable organization created to provide financial aid and support to event professionals seeking to make a positive impact in our global community.

The foundation operates as a means to educate attendees and raise awareness about non-profit work being done by event professionals, including opportunities to donate time, money, or services. Some examples of these fantastic non-profits include, The Birthday Party Project, Wish Upon a Wedding and the Confetti Foundation- all organizations run by fellow Engagees.

At each conference, the Engage! Foundation strives to leave a positive local footprint by providing gifting with locally sourced products from regional artisans and entrepreneurs.

The Engage! Foundation is also committed to adopting a local charity and supporting them with supplies through the Pack with a Purpose program as well as cultivated excursions for attendees to volunteer for at each summit.

What We've Done

In November 2018, the Engage! Foundation visited the Sarahuaro’s Center for the Development of Women in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The Center offers a variety of educational opportunities for women from Los Cabos most impoverished colonias. With courses focusing on basic life skills, language, literacy, and job training in skills like sewing and hairstyling, the center also provides educational child care and nutritious meals to the children of their attendees.

Through the Pack with a Purpose program, the Engage! Foundation collected and donated art supplies for their craft program, and during an excursion to the Center, Engagee attendees were able to tour their facilities, meet the local women and participate in some of the great projects that the Center offers.

What's Coming Up

The Engage! Foundation is proud to align with VOW and will be presenting their mission in London.

Every year, 12 million girls are married before they turn 18—some are as young as 8 years old. That’s one girl married every 3 seconds. Child marriage robs girls of their basic rights to health, education and safety, putting them at greater risk of violence and poverty. If current trends on child marriage continue, 150 million more girls will be married in childhood by 2030, with devastating consequences for the whole world.

We are pleased to partner with VOW to End Child Marriage, an exciting new initiative that puts the reach and economic power of the global wedding industry behind the worldwide movement to end child marriage. VOW’s brand partners commit to donate a portion of profits from wedding products, experiences and gift registries to help end child marriage.

Couples, their guests and friends can support VOW in the planning and celebration of their marriage by donating directly to VOW, purchasing VOW products or aligning wedding registries with VOW.

All money raised by VOW supports local organizations that are standing up for girls’ rights and preventing child marriage in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

On a day when a couple says ‘I DO,’ let’s make it possible for a girl somewhere else in the world to say ‘I DON’T.’

VOW is on InstagramTwitter and Facebook at @vowforgirls. Their hashtag is #vowforgirls.

Direct donations can be made here: https://vowtoendchildmarriage.org/get-involved/#donate